Channel C

Channel C is a leading on-demand Christian TV channel. Our entire model is based on connecting Christian organizations with a global Christian audience.

Channel C is all about additional global exposure for ministries. We connect with Christians globally, and with new TV videos bringing large amounts of traffic to the site daily, traffic then flows into our Ministry TV and Podcasting channels. Channel C is a marketing and exposure opportunity for your church or ministry. You already have your own following via your website, and of course you may share your videos on YouTube as well. However if you want to connect with a Christian audience, then we can help.

Channel C has two powerful streams that can help churches and ministries:

Ministry TV – where you upload your sermons
Podcasting – for audio only
Or both. One account will give you access to either

You put your heart and soul into your ministry and your weekly sermon, and at the same you could be reaching people well outside of your community. So if you’re looking for additional exposure, Channel C is here to accommodate you.