My Church Live is the fastest, no-hassle way to not only stream your church service live, but also make it easy for your members to re-watch previous services. in the 20th Century we face the logistic of people simply not being able to make it to church at the allotted time impotenciastop.com. Between Sunday sport, Sunday work, and the way our lives are now switched on seven days a week, not being online means your church risks not being able to connect with those simply not able to attend.

Many churches have been worried that live streaming will adversely impact Sunday attendance, but studies have shown that this is not the case. Church members appreciate that they can still connect with their church when they cannot be there. Others have said that church attendance has continued to increase, even with live streaming, while others have commented that being online still keeps the connection between people who have fallen out of attendance and then having nothing to do with the church altogether.

Podcasts, Spotify, LiveStreams, Facebook live, Christian TV and more are everywhere and choosing to not have your church online won’t stop your congregation from listening to another popular pastor. They just won’t be listening to or watching you. With this in mind My Church Live is here to help move your church forward with current technology – for one low monthly cost.

My Church Live and Boxcast
My Church Live is a joint venture between Boxcast and our leading on-demand TV channel, Channel C. Boxcast back-ends our technology, ensuring you not only have state-of-the-art streaming, but you also have an affordable solution. Livestreaming is highly expensive, and many churches are paying thousands of dollars a month for the privilege – or most are doing nothing at all. The bandwidth is the big cost, yet with My Church Live you’re capped at $99 per month, no matter how many people are watching your live stream or archived broadcasts.